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Louisiana Concealed Carry Association

About Us

The Louisiana Concealed Carry Association is a professional association of concealed handgun licensees and instructors, law enforcement, and concerned citizens in the State of Louisiana. Whether you are interested in getting your Concealed Carry Handgun Permit or you already have your CCW license, we trust that you will find the LCCA website as a trusted resource and very helpful informational guide to concealed carry in Louisiana.

Our state concealed carry association exists primarily as a resource for Louisiana concealed carry permit holders or those actively seeking to obtain their concealed carry license.

We suggest bookmarking this site and subscribing to the Louisiana Concealed Carry Association newsletter updates. These updates will provide you with timely and necessary information concerning concealed carry news both in Louisiana and across the nation, concealed carry reciprocity information to help you know where it is legal to carry your handgun concealed, concealed carry instructor information to help you find the handgun instructor that is right for you, concealed carry and continued firearm training information to increase your knowledge, skill and comfort level of personal defense as well as a wealth of concealed carry handgun resources to aid you in every aspect of your commitment to carry a concealed weapon legally and safely.

The Association was founded by Anthony Battaglia.